Full Featured Car Dealer Inventory Software - PG Auto Pro
Our Software Solution will meet the requirements of Private Auto Dealers, Auto Dealership Companies and other Enterprises selling Vehicles.

The Software fundamental features will help starting your own Auto Classifieds Website:
- huge vehicles database with 3000 Models approximately
- possibility to add any new car that's missing in the database
- a powerful option of monetizing auto website - charging users for paid packages and additional services, selling banner places to advertisirs, placing your own AdSense contextual ads will let you derive profit from the site
- a good chance for Car Dealers to sell their autos faster than before due to the comprehensive search options on the site.

Main Settings

- Logos - change your site logo right from the admin panel, you can change either small or big logo.
- Footer – change each site page footer to any other in one click from the admin panel. Enter your footer and get preview below!
- Max image upload size – Set maximum size of all site uploades.
- Upload admin avatar – upload your own Admin Avatar
- Other main settings

Open seller information for guest: by default site guest can contact a vehicle’s seller only by using sellers’ contact form. If you choose ‘Yes’ here, guests will be able to see contact info without site registration.

Dynamic blocks

Dynamic blocks are blocks that you can put in the columns of your site in the mode Drag and Drop. Dynamic blocks allow you to add the following information in the blog columns:
- H1 Text, SeoText
- By Make, By BodyStyle, Latest Added
- Left and Right banner
- Quick search
- Featured section
- Supplementary blocks(Using supplementary blocks you can put HTML code, JavaScript or text.)

You can change the positions of blogs and replace them from one column to the other one.

Seo Management

Now Site Administrator can add titles, description and keywords for any page of the site. So nearly all site pages are SEO-friendly and you get more leads from search engines. This tool is easy to use so everyone can make an ideal SEO-friendly site.

From now and on you'll be able to:
- Edit title, meta description and meta keywords for each site page.
- Change templates of url generation (e.g. Model– Make – Price – Site Slogan)
- Use H1 and full text editor of each site page
- Edit pages urls and categories, use friendly urls (on a base of the name)
- Use autogeneration of detailed site map in two formats - xml and separate html page
- Hide site technical content from search engines(search pages, print versions etc.) and edit robots.txt
- Add counter codes(Google Analytics, etc)
- Check SEO parametres, such as Google PageRank, Alexa, Backlinks, Directory Listing, number of indexed pages.

So in the table below parameters are indicated that you can use to form your pages and to make your site fully original and inimitable. You can switch the parameters on and off, change their positions

In the table you can see types of pages for which you can set up parameters packaging as well as set variables to be used.

Cars management

Cars comparison option

Your site users have a great opportunity to compare listings with each other to make sure they like the chosen car. Adding a car to comparison list couldn't be any easier. Logged in users only can take advantage of this feature. They may use new or used cars search, advanced search etc to be able to compare 2 or more cars.

This option allows users select cars and collate them according to specific parameters. Your customers will like the way of visual comparison of two or more cars with help of such reference table.


Watermark for uploaded images. This option makes pictures protection possible, so site visitors are not able to steal this or that photo for personal or business needs. This pre-integrated feature allows you as Site Administrator to lay watermark on pictures, its text or image can be chosen from Administration Panel at your own discretion.

You can choose Watermark type - text or image, Watermark position, font name, watermark text color & size, you can also define whether to use shadows or not, and specify color and intensity.

Flexible sorting

Sorting by any listing field made it easier to get the necessary results at the page. You can sort the listings at the site page with items added by you, in the Saved Listings section, at the search results page with advanced and short search parameters.

Intuitive sorting of search results helps you to find what you need. You can sort by Make, Model, Submodel, Bodystyle, Year, Condition and Price. Your listings can be sorted by Status (Active/inactive), Views (ascending or descending).

Convenient listings split according to "By Make" & "Body style" lets find necessary objects hand over hand. It can be done by not registered users as well from the index page. It will attract more people by site's simplicity and usability.

Featured cars

Markworthy section for Featured Cars helps site users find their dream car without page refreshing and browsing the site. JQuery carousel with tooltip when you hover it with the mouse informs you the Model, Make, Submodel, Price, Condition and Year.

In the Featured section there are listings from the following sections: Latest added, Lift up in search, Highlight in search, Manually added – listings added by the administrator, Paid service – the number of listings available for the purchasing by users in the section.

The index page of the site displays listings by different characteristics: Featured, Last Added, sorted by Make and by Bodystyle. So no listing is left without visitors attention.


We have built in an unexpendable feature that allows your Auto Classifieds Site visitors find out more about their dream car without typing in different search criteria, but just clicking on the Car Producers links (Make) and Model. These are cars standards, not the real cars, just Models represented on the auto market. The items found can also be sorted by the same characteristics as on the whole site.

Your users can also search within this Catalogue using a short search form including Make, Model, Submodel. Makes and Models match each others, if you e.g. choose Infinity you will get all the Models of this Brand in the next drop-down menu.

Catalogue allows your site users view the desired car profile faster, even if they don't know additional parameters, just Make. It's a great way to attract more people to the Auto Dealer Site with no efforts.


By registrations users point either their location or location of their vehicles for sale.
It is very convenient for both seller and buyer to find a perfect variant in their region. User of the site can see Vehicles on Google Map on the listings page in the block Map
View location on Map feature. Wide database of locations will help your users define places they live in and indicate them on a map for other members checking their profile.

Sitemap Html

Sitemap HTML is a webpage where you can find all sections of your site. It is a quick way for your users to navigate from one section of your site to the other one. With the help of Sitemap search engines can index your site qualitatively and promptly.

User options

Multi-language interface

Make your site accessible from any country with help of such smashing option pre-integrated into the software. Just add your own site language and translate site texts and menu items into the desired language. It's an efficient way of attracting people to your site and adjust it to anyone.

PG Auto Pro has an English version only at the moment though we will add new languages later with new releases. It will allow your users switch the languages according to their location or just wish.

Google translate bar

Add Google's website translator to your webpages, and offer instant access to automatic translation of the pages. Adding the website translator is quick and easy.

You can now install the Google Translate code directly into your own website so that foreign visitors can translate your content into a language they understand and can communicate

Design Templates

Design is one of the most important site (dis)advantages, it can lend it luxury, magnetism that would attract more users to the site. That's why we have created several ready-to-use design templates so you could choose the most suitable one. Though this software release includes one template only, other skins will be implemented with the further releases that can be used on your Auto Classifieds. We would appreciate if you speak your piece about new design templates and share your ideas about design development. All skins are absolutely free for PG Auto Pro Solution users.

CAPTCHA for Forms protection

CAPTCHA is an integrated tool that prevents from multiple auto registrations and messages sent by robot programs. It's a challenging solution for any source defense from different robots, especially from spam-robots.

Banner Management

Banner management is a powerful tool for your Car Service Website and allows your users or partners add their advertisement on the site. It doesn't require your users to have a car listing on the site, they can just register as partners. The Banner Section is available both for Automotive Website users and just site visitors from the bottom menu of all pages.

Banners can be placed to the top of the site under main menu, to the profile page next to car image and to the left bottom corner as well. Your users should be attentive when adding their banners as the there are some size limitations in place, so the banners could be spoiled. Before the banner is active on the site you as a Site Administrator can approve or decline it from your panel.

Banners addition like any other service is a paid option on the site. You can set the prices in the appropriate Admin Panel Section for banners management. They will be unique for different site pages, and it depends on you only, you can set the rating of pages according to the prices.


To keep your users in the know you can add your own news to the site manually or generate them with help of RSS-Feed. Our solution has been enriched with powerful WYSIWYG Editor. In substance it's MS Word prototype. It's supported by all platforms and major browsers. You can use both HTML-code and text to write your news articles and provide your users with up-to-date information.

If you are new at the market and don't have enough events to write about, you can add your RSS-Feeds to the News Section to give your users Auto Market News from other major portals and Vehicles Database Sites.

Profile management

Auto Script Solution includes a profile management tool so you as Site Administrator could track your users registrations, gather information about them to be able to contact a person with your offers, bonuses etc. The Registration Form contains necessary fields only for identification and contact purposes. Another advantage of PG Auto Software registration form is possibility to indicate company name and its url so not only private sellers, but also big automotive companies could sell their cars. It's a great way to combine several users' types registrations as their profiles would have identical structure and you won't face any difficulties to add them to one database and manage it.

Auto Dealing Companies, Private Sellers and Advertising Enterprises will be able to work with your site. It's a splendid opportunity for you to get more traffic to the website and magnetize people with it. Don't miss your chance and smoothen the way for success today with help of PG Car Dealership Software!

Powerful Short and Advanced Search

A robust search options make the work with PG Car Service Software easier than ever. By virtue of short search form your site users can find their dream autos according to a few search criteria like Make, Model or Bodystyle. The same search form allows your users to look up not only for new cars but also for used ones, they can switch from one form to another with one mouse click without page refreshing.

Advanced Search Feature is available for registered users only, it has multiple parameters to type in to get the results: Basic information (make, model, submodel, price, mileage, condition, exterior colors, year, doors, type), Engine information (engine size, horse power, fuel, transmission), Features and equipment (drivetrain, driver airbag, passenger airbag, ABS, AM/FM Radio, with CD, with cassette, Air Conditioning, Heated Seats, Cruise control). If your clients have such information about the cars and get necessary results after all they will surely put more value of your service quality.

Some search parameters are not equal for all Makes and Models, that's why we have integrated a great service for your customers to let them save their search results at a different page. If they don't need them at the moment they will always be able to refer to them and contact the seller. It's one button that saves your customers' time and efforts.

Now our PG Vehicles Database Software is available for people who don't have much time to spend it in the Internet or don't have permanent access to it. They can open the site in any browser, find desired car and print it. It's possible due to Printable Version of the Search Results page.

All search results can be sorted by Make, Model, Submodel, Bodystyle, Year, Condition, Price. Your clients can set up the order of displayed listings as they wish, it will help them to find the best car!

Moreover pictures for all listings with more than 1 photo will be rotated one by one so you can check the model from different sizes: front, back etc. It will make an auto profile remarkable and allow your users sell/buy faster.

My vehicles

Powerful option to manage the vehicles added by a user. The list of users' vehicles is displayed the same way as search results, they are ordered according to the date of adding a listing. Though there is a good way of sorting them if there are too many listings in this section. The sorting options are equal to search results. The only difference is that your users can manage them right here, only listings owners have permissions to edit them, change the photo, view statistics on visits by date, time and user (registered or unauthorized). The listings can be deactivated from here too, it will allow your customers change parameters or think it over whether they would like to sell or buy the car. The listing won't be displayed for this period of time while it's inactive. Site users will always be able to reactivate any listing they have.

My Communication

PG Auto Solution has many extended options to let the users choose a necessary item, so your customers are ready to start negotiations or even purchase a car. An Administrator would fall out to handle all request by himself. That's why there is a useful function for your site users' communication - online chat or contact form.

It's different for guest users and registered clients. If the person would like to contact a car owner without registering on the site he can just click on "Contact seller" form at the listing profile page. The link-name of seller won't be clickable. In the contact form there will be obligatory fields like name, surname, email etc so the car seller would get some info about the buyer.

If you are registered user you will be able to click on the user profile who sells the car and also check other variants offered by him. The link "Contact seller" will open a chat with him in your profile section "My communication", you can type your text there and if the seller is online he will answer to the messages. Chat folders help sort the chats according to any parameter, you decide (e.g. chat folder "New-York" will contain chats with clients from New-York). You also can add chats to trash bin, favorites etc.

Paid services

To monetize your auto web site you as Site Administrator can use any of pre-integreated payment systems that can be set up easily with help of manuals and payment systems help desks. This will allow you to charge your users for services provided by your company.


Featured section is the section with listings placed at index page. It allows users to view their listings and administrator to earn money by listings sale in the section

Highlighting in search

When viewing the ads at categories page or in search results, all their titles have the same style. That lends some uniformity and doesn't draw anyone's attention to the exact listing. Graphical display of your listing title makes it brighter and outstanding.

Lift up in search

The best way of making your listing appear higher in the search results, that would bring more leads to your car ad and give you special opportunity to sell it faster. Such a listing won't stay unnoticed. It will be always in the top of results, if of course no one pays after you and gets top position at the page.

Leader (Model)

"Highlighting by Model" option means that your listing photo and text description are placed simultaneously on main site pages. The ad becomes a leader, when you pay more than a current leader has paid. In the search results, in saved listings and in "My vehicles" section there will be a crown displayed opposite to the auto picture. It will make the listing stand out in the full list of vehicles. Make the listing stick out today!

Beside paid services you can limit your users on period of adding and viewing the ads and number of listings added. There are several packages that can simplify the work with the users and their listings, you can set certain limitation for different groups so users will need to choose the package before working with the site.

Free package

This is the default package that goes with the site, your users get into the free group automatically and are limited according to the settings of it. Administration panel allows you to set period (in hours), number of photos uploaded and price. By default it's free of charge.

Enhanced package

This package allows your users enjoy working with the site and adding listings for longer period of time and upload more images to the listings so they can rotate at the site pages. The price is higher of course. Though you are able to set it up according to your wishes and requirements.

Deluxe package

Deluxe package is the most expensive package at the site at the moment, you can charge your users for this service if you know that they will spend much time on the Auto Management Site.

You can add any paid service to the site if there isn't necessary option yet, just add the name, description, set price and period. You can adjust the site to your specific needs.

All paid services can now be managed from Administration Panel of the site. You can choose one of the pre-installed payment systems that will be used for all site payments. The following payment processors are available at the site: Chronopay, Authorize.Net, E-Gold, USAepay, WorldPay, Paysat, E-sec, Ipos etc.

Now you can accept payments via checks, bank orders, wire transfer, instant money transfers like Western Union etc.

Site Administration

Clients and Groups Management

To track activity on your site and manage all users you can just check the page with the list of your clients. It's possible for Site Administrator to send a message to user, make him or her inactive, edit the profile information or just remove a client from the database. All these options are available from the Administration Panel of the PG Auto Dealer Software. If you have offline clients you can also add them from the same section of the site. After adding him the only one thing to do is to provide a user with hist details. What could be easier!


Beside of payment system and currency settings you can check users' accounts balance, check the whole balance on the site by all users. Another useful option is opportunity to add funds to users account. Just select a client and click on the link "Add funds to user's account". It's a great option for testing the service by you or providing bonuses for people who succeed on your site and furnish benefits for you.

The payments statistics is also necessary for Site Administrator as it informs you the payments made on the site, payment amounts, date and the service they were spent for. If there are payments awaiting approval you will be able to approve or decline them - so you have the full control over the cash flow on the site.

From this very section you will be able to set up the main paid services and packages for your customers.

Site Content Management

All site texts are now editable from Administration Panel, Site Administrator can add new site sections (they will appear as links in the bottom of all site pages), edit the existing ones, remove or add subsections. They are informative, so you can add any content there useful for your clients.

News, RSS-Feeds can be added from here as well, with help of WYSIWYG-Editor everything can be done in no time.

Site languages can also be managed from Admin Panel, you can add new languages and edit existing files. To make your site unique and draw more visitors you can edit the files so vehicles descriptions and other texts can become more comprehensive.


If you think there are not enough vehicles on the site you can add any new vehicle that is being released in the auto market or add rare autos that can be of high interest on your site.


This section is perfect for you if you have many partners or would like to get them, this options provides you with opportunity to let your customers or affiliates place their banners on the site effortlessly. The process is uncomplicated: from registration to banner addition. Once the person adds a banner, the system charges a certain amount from his account.


Absolutely free installation and lifetime Support

If you have a heart for PG Auto Software and decided to purchase it we guarantee free installation of the script on the server within approximately 24 hours. There are many factors that go into the installation speed (server activity, bandwidth etc). After we get all the details for installation we will gladly start the process.

Our Support Team is aimed to resolve all the issues our clients have, we always keep our word and try to do the work for more than 100%. You will be provided with free Support within all the time of software usage including software questions, services registration, marketing and other assistance, minor changes of the software code or design.

Installation and Software Manuals

After you purchase the chosen software we will be glad to provide you with software installation instructions if you would like to set up script yourself or you can require free installation by our Support Team. Anyway we will provide you with Admin Manual that will make the work with the software much more easier.

Update and Upgrade Process

The work on the software is ceaseless, our developers work on it to improve its features and look. You are entitled for a free update within 12 months from the moment when you bought the script. When this period expires you can upgrade the software to the newest version, it may require additional payments and time for code changes. Our Support Team will always be glad to answer the questions about these processes.

Customization and Design Services

If you would like so your Auto Website is unique and doesn't have the same look like other clients' sites you may want to order our Customization or Design Services. Before ordering it's recommended to contact our Team, request a quote for the work to be applied and get approximate time and price estimation.

Hosting Service

You can host your Site at our server. We provide highly professional support and acceptable hosting plans for reasonable prices. Please contact our Support Team if you decide to host with us.

Domains, SSL certificates, Promotion services

Domains, SSL certificates, Promotion services and other useful tools for your business are available at our partner web-site provided by GoDaddy (domains market leader).

100% FREE technical support of domains, SSL certificates, Promotion services etc. is provided by our partner GoDaddy. We do our best to offer all you need in one place!

Auto classifieds software for car dealing business!

Full Featured Car Dealer Inventory Software - PG Auto Pro. Our Software Solution will meet the requirements of Private Auto Dealers, Auto Dealership Companies and other Enterprises selling Vehicles.

Auto classifieds software for car dealing business!